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Monday, March 15, 2010

Those damned Ants

What's Mallard raving about today?

Senator Reid, Speaker Pelosi, Teabaggers.

Someone alert the authorities.

The Capitol Dome, or some sort of addled-brained facsimile, has floated away.


Tog said...


It's been almost a month since a Teabag Terrorist (or "Teabaggorist" or "Teabaggot") flew his plane into an IRS building (killing one person) and the NCSM (Neo-Con Sponsored Media) hailed him as a martyr for their anti-American cause, praise Jesus.

This is as close as one should expect for a response from Jihad Bruce: suggested justification.

Of course, the strip has not a thing to do with reality. Pelosi has gone to these "townhall" fiascoes only to have obscenities, threats, and preposterous accusations hurled at her; do I have to remind anyone who, on the other hand, cooked up the Orwellian concept of the "Free Speech Zone" for protesters?

Sit deep on a spike and twirl, Tinsley.

CW in LA said...

The teabaggers look more like toads, slugs, and watermelon-fuckers to me.

Ken said...

While it surprises no one that he does, is this the first comic to have Mallard officially support the Teabaggers?

NickE said...

It's a penis-Capitol!

You're wrong, of course, Nancy and Harry. Ants know how to work together for the good of the colony; from here, the tea-party protesters look like rage-filled, often illiterate conspiracy-minded racists whose only point of agreement is that "Nappy" couldn't POSSIBLY be an American because he's -- you know -- African-colored.

Beef Wellington said...

I still don't quit understand why you would nam your group after the practic of putting ones testicle sack on anothers face, Or perhaps that's the point.

I'm going to get bagels,Thou i think a beverage of som sort would go well with them......but what? Hmmmm

Kip W said...

Fair enough, since estimates of the crowd sizes at Teabagger events typically include ants.

dlauthor said...

Actually, the teabag protests look like a bunch of dumb scared loud white people and a fair number of out-and-out racists whipped into a frenzy by money-hungry demagogues and incapable of and/or unwilling to behave as reasonable adults, all while radically inflating their own numbers and importance to preposterous extents.

Oh, and re Smecker: there's no way Anonyrast could possibly be him. It went on far too long before he got all "hur hur, he sure gets to you libruls, hur hur." Anonyrast doesn't have that kind of attention span for anything besides those sticky old albums of grade-school class photos he keeps next to the toilet.

Paul Smecker said...

Just to clarify, I never offered anon an onion bagel with cream cheese. I told him to fetch me one. He's an obnoxious know-nothing just like that idiot Det. Greenly.
BTW, I might just be wantin' a bagel with my coffee.

AnonyFan said...

I, on the other hand, fully support Mr. Ymous in his attempts to annoy 'Teh Librulz.'

wavydavy said...

Smaul Pecker --

It wasn't funny to begin with, and repetition makes it even less so. OTOH, you surely do "annoying and pointless" quite well, so I guess there's that.

WV: dropsem. What Tinkley does to any remaining shred or decency or principles when they are contradicted by the current wingnut talking points.

exanonymous said...

Yes, we all know the REAL ants are the pro-public option protesters, or the anti-war protesters.

deepbeep said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
deepbeep said...

I see a lot of ants in the tea party protests... militants, sycophants, deviants, mutants, vagrants, tyrants, intoxicants, pollutants, illegal stimulants, crazy rants, dirty underpants and sweatpants.

Randy said...

Funny coincidence about Smecker, about a week ago, in a moment of weakness, I posted a comment anticipating his question. The next day, completely unaware that there was any connection, I finally saw the movie he's (quoting) from, over ten years after it came out. Serendipitous!

WV: begratic - that twitch Tinsley gets around panhandlers, before he berates the lazy ingrates, who doubtless don't appreciate his true genius.

rewinn said...

While I sort-of get what Brewski is trying to say here, the 2nd word balloon is mystifying.

Is Nancy Pelosi supposed to be so tall that people look like ants when she's "down there" too? That doesn't make any sense.

Or is Nancy supposed to be way way higher than Harry, so that "Down There" refers to whereever Harry is.... in which case the word balloon tails are pointing wrongly.

I think *someone* must have been more than a little high to think up today's "comic"!

Tog said...

"Is Nancy Pelosi supposed to be so tall that people look like ants when she's 'down there' too? That doesn't make any sense."

No, Tinsley thinks he's making a clever transference of GOP-grade arrogance to Pelosi, saying that she considers the average citizen to be a mere insect, no matter what level she views them from.

Tinsley clearly enjoys a nice memory hole with his coffee (see my post above).

Ducky is Right said...

Tea Party 'protesters" ignored 6 years our astounding increases of government spending under Republicans, and 2 years under a Republican president. During this time, our financial system was basically sold to China.
Weird how they suddenly became VERY concerned with spending on Nov 2, 2008.

They are ants.

Neo Tuxedo said...

DiR skrev:

Weird how they suddenly became VERY concerned with spending on Nov 2, 2008.

What's even weirder is that they suddenly became equally concerned about the erosion of the Constitution, and yet remained capable, whenever the new President made tentative steps to reverse that erosion, of complaining that such reversal would make us more likely to be murdered in our beds by ZOMG TEH ISLAMZ.

Kip W said...

Neo, it's an example of their commitment to fairness. The whole political thing is a tug-of-war to them, and they only care about where the sun is if it's in their eyes, otherwise it's just whining to think about it at all.

(But you knew that.)

Kip W said...

BTW, Deepbeep: Hats off for your comment here. Wish I'd thought of that!