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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

That damned Retirement

What's Mallard raving about today?

Congressional Retirements

14 Democrats have retired so far. 19 Republicans have retired.

None of which is to suggest that Democrats may not be headed toward an ass-kicking in 2010. Or to suggest they may not deserve it for achieving so little with their 2006/2008 victories.

But is it too much to ask that Mallard acknowledges reality...oh, wait.

Never mind.


Tog said...

This is Tinsley's typical cheap shot at Evan Bayh (called it!), as evidenced by the comment about gridlock and partisanship. Bayh stepped down because of the endless frustration in trying to work with The Party of NO! and their lunatic teabagger tactics.

Tinsley, who has in past years whined and simpered about Democrats not going along lockstep with every aspect of the neocon agenda, uses this moment to thunder, "OH YEAH? YOU'RE JUST A WUSSY AND WE'RE GONNA KICK YOUR ASS!!"

If history continues to repeat itself, Tinsley is probably correct: the Dems will eventually clean up the GOP's mess, and then the GOP will gain control again by promising a complacent nation that they can have their cake and eat it too. They will then proceed to wreck the joint...again.

Ironically, Scott Brown, who won "Kennedy's seat" and set Tinsley off on a similar "WE WILL BURY YOU!!11" tirade, seems quite willing to work across party lines. Mallard probably hasn't been this heartbroken since Michael Steele forgot his "place" and publicly supported a woman's right to choose.

NLC said...

[No message, but just wanted to note the WV: "wineskin". No kidding.]

Kip W said...

Silly duck! Conservatives don't "kick butt." They get caught trying to fondle it in public restrooms.

Kip W said...

For a moment, though, I was thinking Tin had somehow lucked onto the resignation of my rep, Massa, who's accused of either bad language or inappropriate touching. (And he's such a liberal he voted against health care.) But no, it was Evan Bayh, as Tog says, and my worldview, which includes Mallard perpetually panting after the news at a three-week interval, remains intact.

Toots McGee said...

Some "conservative", eh? The whole conservative vs. liberal thing is such a crock of shit. It might as well be doo-doo heads vs. poopypants. The problems are all caused by the doo-doo heads! Oh yeah? Spoken like a true poopypants!

It's like my state where we have a governor Charlie Crist who's not poopyhead enough for the mainline poopyheads. "He's poopyhead in name only". He's got his eye on the US Senate seat (once occupied by Mel Martinez, who left office early to spend more time with his family, after vacating the Poopyhead National Committee chairmanship a year before the 2008 election) up for election in 2012. But since he's not a real poopyhead, he faces a stiff challenge from Marco Rubio, who is a real poopyhead according to poopyhead pundits.

We have quite a history of this rarified debate here in our elections. Former Senator Connie Mack blanketed the state with an attack ad against his opponent Buddy McKay in 1988, "Hey Buddy, You're a Liberal!" (sounded like Poopypants to me.)

dlauthor said...

Mrs. Tinshley and the kids can only hope that Brucie doesn't decide to retire and spend more time with them.

Who am I kidding, though? He'd just spend more time with his real loves ... at least until they were empty.

exanonymous said...

I hate the labels myself. If some "democrat" gets elected in a state with a large number of people who act either middle or conservative, that democrat is serving their constituents best by voting center instead of far left. Same thing goes for the republicans getting the boot for acting "too liberal" while representing liberal states. They're just doing their job, and representative democracy means that the people in the actual district should be the sole determining factor of the representative's stances, and not some distant idealist living in another state.

wavydavy said...

Now, Davey, let's be fair to the duck. Given his propensity to mangle things like dates, he may well have meant the 19 Rethugs as those whose "ass some conservative will kick", given the current Teabagger insistence on political orthodoxy.

Of course, that would be in the primaries, sometime before November, so even with that interpretation, he is still wrong.

Anonymous said...

Typical Mallard. The "liberal v. conservative" debate is worth having though. I agree the labels are even more meaningless today, when conservatives happily endorse the Patriot Act, torture, endless undeclared wars, indefinite detention without trial, and obtrusive government meddling in personal life, while liberals on the other hand support the Patriot Act, torture, endless undeclared wars, indefinite detention without trial, and obtrusive government meddling in personal life.

rewinn said...

Let us not forget that Bayh is retiring to spend more time with his multimillionaire insurance-industry lobbyist wife. That is to say, he's one of those corporatists who tried and partly succeeded in betraying us on health care reform. With his departure, we may get an actual Democrat to fill his seat.

Actual Democrats, who stand up for universal healthcare etc, have very little to fear in November. Alan Grayson (D-FL) is so popular that he could win the Republican primary if he chose to run in it!

It's the "Republican-lite" Democrats who have to worry, and worry they should. I think the average voter values sincerity about ideology.

P.S. in GOP logic, 14 Dems is more than 19 Reps for the same reason that 57 Dem Senators is less than 41 GOPpers.

Paulie said...

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GeoX said...

Goddamnit, I think we've scared away Paul.

dlauthor said...

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Wrangler Jean said...


Hey kids! It's time for Tinsley Megafail Alert #468,346!

Tinsley Republican Talking Point: "The Dems are trying to force health care reform on a nation that does not want it!"

Reality: Poll shows a majority want cooperation to attain meaningful reform.

Tinsley Republican Talking Point: "Stop picking on white people! Limit passenger checks to people who 'look like' terrorists! ...You know, brown people!"

Reality: "She was described by neighbors as an average housewife."

Tinsley: Always wrong. Always.