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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Golden Ellipses: Excellence in False Equivalency

And the winner is...Impeachment!

The nominees for Excellence in False Equivalency are:
  • Anger Management (Post) - The anger directed at President Bush (for an illegal war, violations of the Constitution, and War Crimes) is exactly the same as anger directed at President Obama (for being a Socialist, not being born in America, and wanting to kill your Grandmother).
  • Enemies Lists (Post) - When President Obama's White House pointed out Fox's bias, it was exactly the same as what President Nixon did. In fact, why he hasn't resigned yet is a nefarious mystery.
  • Radicals (Post) - Those angry Muslims blowing things up and killing people are nothing like the angry Christians blowing things up and killing people.
  • Impeachment (Post) - Yeah, boy, we impeached President Bush at the drop of a hat, didn't we? Plus, making an insensitive joke is exactly like violating the Constitution and committing War Crimes.
  • The Blame Game (Post) - After all, President Clinton was responsible for 9-11 and pretty much everything bad that happened during the Bush Administration. So blame him.


CW in LA said...

I went with "Impeachment" precisely because the timidity of the Vichy-Democrat leadership, as typified by "Off the Table" Pelosi, is still a particular sore spot with me. The Tinsh's cluelessness on this point is especially breathtaking.

Iron Dragon said...

Hmm, the problem is I'm not sure if I should choose based on level of outrage from false equivalency or based on how badly out of proportion said equivalency technically is.

Kip W said...

Impeachment here, too. Mostly because Bush said things worse than that (that we found out about) on a weekly basis, and they were routinely ignored and quickly forgotten. It's okay to pretend you're persecuted if you're a Republican.

exanonymous said...

Impeachment here as well. It's because I wish two things actually had been true:

1) The George Bush had impeachment hearings


2) That the worst thing George Bush did was make fun of the Special Olympics.

rewinn said...

While the GOP would have voted in lockstep to block conviction, we saw from the Clinton example that the primary purpose of impeachment is to keep the target busy; it could've said a lot of American lives, by diverting Cheney's attention away from getting more of our troops killed and suchlike.

(Oh, wait, were we talking about impeaching Cheney's puppet? Well, that would've been good too.)