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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Those damned tapes

What's Mallard raving about today?

ACORN, Bill Ayers, Reverend Wright.

Let's see:
  • Bill Ayers...President Obama denies close involvement with Bill Ayers and no video exists to contradict that fact.
  • Reverend Wright...far from denying he knew him, then Senator Obama gave a speech about race in America which he confronted the controversy head-on.
  • ACORN...President Obama has not denied involvement with ACORN, and now there's a video saying that he is friendly toward the organization.
Three assertions, three lies.



David said...

Someone tell Tinsley that reusing toilet paper is not deja vu all over again.

Tog said...

Keep diggin' that hole, Tinsley. You're just as relevant now as Jonah Goldberg; with a little more effort you'll reach Anybody-Remember-Ann-Coulter? levels.

Ha! Ha! Remember when Mallard said he'd treat Obama the same way he treated Junior Bush? Oh, we did laugh!

It was a rare moment when Tinsley not only told a joke, but both sides found it hysterical.

John E. said...

Do even the wingnuts care about ACORN and Ayers anymore?

Kip W said...

In fairness to Tin, all those strawmen do look a lot alike, and it's hard to tell your own from the ones that were faxed to you last night, especially if it happened after the magic hour of 4:00 pm, when you can stop sneaking research and start drinking it openly.

Jazzbumpa said...

Tinkley, Tea-baggers, and Chicago School/Austrian economists all live in the same alternate, though probably not parallel, universe.



dlauthor said...

It must be nice for Tinshley to have a common word like "ACORN" for the universal dastardly nemesis. Now he doesn't have to constantly look up how to spell "Soros."

deepbeep said...

Obama is wild eyed today, like a breakfast cereal mascot. Obama-O's!

Jazzbumpa: Didn't Obama claim he's Chicago School? Not that it matters much anyway when he's busy trying to put out Bush's fires...

rewinn said...

If Tinshley repeats a lie often enough, maybe someone will cite to his "comic" and then Tinshley can use that citation in a future "comic" to prove his lie.(*)

(* Fox)


Meanwhile, Breitbart is still refusing to turn over the original O'Keefe/ACORN tape, which is understandable, since it would clearly show not only that O'Keefe doctored the tape but that Brietbart knew it

exanonymous said...

Huh, I thought Obama's mispronunciation was going to be newsworthy. Turns out not only is it boring, it's lame enough that Mallard is going to use material from TWO YEARS AGO instead.

word verification:


Factinista said...

Well, at least the chin appears to be shrinking.

Frank Stone said...

Poor, poor Brucie. He's like a footsoldier in a Civil War reenactment (on the Confederate side, natch) who believes he can change history by fighting his particular battle over again.

rewinn said...

"... He's like a footsoldier in a Civil War reenactment (on the Confederate side, natch) who believes he can change history by fighting his particular battle over again."

Sir: You Win One Internets!!

(p.s. I enjoyed my brief appearance as Exo's VW!)

paulsmeckr said...

bagel stuff