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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Those damned Jobs

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Obama, Jobs, the Census.

It really takes a special brand of ignoramus to oppose the Census and/or not understand the necessity for it. Or to not understand that its a Constitutional requirement.

Strict constructionists, my ass.


Tog said...

special brand of ignoramus

Ding ding ding!

Personal reaction: Jesus, Tinsley. Has it come to this? Is THIS the best you can do? I know, the census is "a government thing," and Obama's in charge which means Government Bad!!1, but Jesus.

Even our pet troll must have looked at this strip and shook his empty li'l head.

Iron Dragon said...

The problem with encouraging people to go against the census is that it screws everyone. I'm worried right now because I live in a district where most of the land is government land (Libraries, Village Center, Police and Fire Department, etc.) with relatively little for industry after housing. We end up with less tax revenue for the schools in the district and are having to make cutbacks. I have no kids of my own in school but I know they're going to have to cut down the number of teachers which is likely to produce more trouble for all involved. The census shows population density which can mean a greater allocation of state funds.

Saying that these things are somehow inherently bad...*shakes head*

exanonymous said...

Ummm... what?

Colbert did this I believe, and it was funny. Nobody fills out their forms, and EVERYONE gets paid to go to their own doors and take the census.

Mallard instead tries to use the similar joke to snipe at Obama as if the census was not only his idea, but is his new plan for raising employment. But no footing in a reality combined with a lack of the whimsical makes this just one more flat strip.

A conservative's punchline is a smirk at a straw man.

Marion Delgado said...

Ludwig Von Mises used to rely on the argument from incredulity:

IMAGINE a GOVERNMENT being able to get INFORMATION, he said. You CAN'T - no bunch of bureaucrats could ever get anything like the kind of information the FREE MARKET delivers every hour. And when computers, polls, censuses and reliable records came along, the right wing economists that are gurus to the Tinsleys stayed in their own little world of the past - like Miss Havisham or Norma Desmond.

At any rate, it's capitalistically correct to despise the census - even though many businesses rely on it.

Paul Smecker said...

I just might be wantin' a dick to suck with my coffee.

Kip W said...

Marion, the fat cats who score points with the yahoos by sniping at the census know that they can still rely on the benefits they get from it. It's just posing.

I, for one, think that with all the times we chide Tin for saying the same stupid things over and over, it's important to take note when he finds some entirely novel stupid thing to say. It's heartwarming that, even though he doesn't have to say anything new to please his fan base, he's still willing to flail out and grab frantically at brand new straws.

John Ball said...

Why does Bruce Tinsley hate the Founding Fathers?

(Well, because they were a bunch of liberal progressives who did him the disservice of founding the nation, instead of leaving it up to God, and he has to pretend to himself that he likes them. That's why.)

Anonymous said...

The census of the founding fathers was nothing like the census being promulgated and endlessly shoved down our throats now. It's no longer simply counting citizens to apportion votes in Congress; it has gone far beyond that and is another threat to our diminishing privacy. (Not that Tinsley would care, as long as the census data could be used to root out terrorists or such.)

Beef Wellington said...

Oh anonydumbfuck don't fret, just keep wearing your tinfoil hat and covering yourself in peanutbutter and the big scary government monster can't get you.

Factinista said...

Nothing like a conspiracy theorist shooting himself in the foot. If conservatives encourage their followers to go against the census, they're allowing fewer Republicans in Congress!

exanonymous said...

Would this be the privacy that's bought and sold by companies every second because the US doesn't have an automatic opt-out approach?

Or is this the privacy that's been violated since the 1800's when over half of the questions were already on the form?

Or is this the privacy that the free market spends every second tearing away from you with incentives, loans, discounts, and cards with every purchase you make?

Or is this the privacy that was perfectly comfortable with the long form 10 years ago but finds the current short form to be a threat to their personal safety?

rewinn said...

Half of the questions in the 10-question census is exactly the same as in the 1st census (devised by Jefferson and Madison IIRC).

Among the differences: we no longer ask how many slaves you own.

Ducky is Right said...

Wow. Nothing about this strip isn't fail.

CW in LA said...

Ooo, ooo, something else is getting shoved down Anonymelonfucker's throat. It seems to me that the census is rather less of an invasion of our privacy that, say a systematic program of warrantless spying on everyone's phone calls and e-mail. Of course, I don't remember the Tinsh or the Melonfucker complaining about those.

exanonymous said...

Telephone numbers weren't on the first form! Ergo Obama is violating my privacy!

It's amazing the number of people who objected over that one. The government doesn't need to ask it to be able to call you (or wiretap you). Unless you've got one of those untraceable disposable phones that the terrorists love, your number is on record somewhere even if it's unlisted.

Kip W said...

I think Anonymous likes to fantasize about things being shoved down the old throat. Much like the pundits and politicians we've heard using the same image over and over. I suspect it's displacement, and they really prefer to think about things being shoved somewhere else.

Sokudo said...

Obviously Tinsley didn't work for the census, or he'd know that expecting a steady job is a crock. I took the test in Nov 08, worked until March 09, and then was let go, despite being told originally I'd be working until October. Had March off, came back in April (and got a job lower than the position I was supposed to get, and a $1 less), and worked for a month, because surprise! we did the work faster than expected. After that, I wasn't called back as I was supposed to be, so fuck 'em.

It's a nice idea, but the ten year census is staffed by people who take a simple test, not people who actually know what the hell they're doing. I worked under the Eau Claire office in Wisconsin, despite the fact I live in SOUTHEAST WISCONSIN, and most of them were idiots. Nice, but idiots. Paid well, though.

Kip W said...

I talked to a woman once who moved back to her home town after years away and didn't know the place. So, she said, she got a job with the census, walked all over town, and got a real feeling for the place again. Pretty clever, I thought.